The Story of Designing Pet Mom Jewelry

The Story of Designing Pet Mom Jewelry

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 05 14 2022

I created the first pet color bracelet to represent my cat Becks. He died youngish... 9 years old. I was devastated.

He was the first pet that was really "mine". He accompanied me in all things: By my side while working; "Helping" me make dinner; and curling up every night next to me to watch TV at the end of the day. 

His calming presence was a balm in difficult times, so his loss was deeply felt. 

I had acquired a gift certificate for the local bead shop about the time that he died. I recall it was like bead therapy. I chose beads to represent all the colors in his coat, shades of deep gold and white with some cute cat charms. 

That bracelet was a comfort reminding me of his sweet love and his persistent insistence that I take a break and relax throughout my day (I have a tendency to be a workaholic). And of course it was a reminder of his beautiful colors. 

I was fiddling with the bracelet (during a long church homily) when I got the word from above: "You know I bet alot of people would like something like that to celebrate their pets"

That was the moment I knew I had to start Pet Mom Jewelry!

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