Jewelry Celebrating Your Pet's Beautiful Colors

You and your pet share a special connection. My jewelry lets you keep a reminder of your relationship close by. When you look at your custom piece your heart will be reminded of the love you share.


If your special one has passed, you will be comforted and filled with warm memories of your years together.


It will be my honor to evoke your pet’s unique colors through Czech glass and crystal beads.

"My Cat Bracelet came today. It’s perfect and I love it almost as much as the lover cat it reminds me of.  Thank you so much." - Christine


The Process is simple!


You'll let me know about your pet's colors through the online order form. Maybe you even have a photo of them to share?


Then you'll choose a special charm to complete the bracelet and place your order. 


I'll get to work chosing just the right beads to represent your special pet's colors!


To learn more details about the process click the button below. 

A portion of all sales will be donated to homeless pets. You help me help them - Thank YOU!

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