Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with this idea?

Well, that's kind of a story! Click here to learn about the how the idea for Pet Mom Jewelry started.

How do you put on and take off a memory wire bracelet?

Pet Mom Jewelry Pet Color Bracelets are made using stainless steel memory wire.


They will expand when put on and then spring back to their original shape. This allows my bracelets to fit nearly anyone!


Also, there are no clasps required for a memory wire bracelet, so you can put it on yourself without assistance from anyone else.


Simply begin with one end and wrap around your wrist. It is best to not allow the strands to overlap when wearing.

What materials are used in Pet Mom Jewelry’s Pet Color Bracelets?

Pet Color Bracelets are created from stainless steel memory wire, glass, and crystal beads with pewter charms.


The pewter charms I use are made in the USA. I custom laser engrave pewter charms with your pet's name in my home studio.


The glass beads and crystals used mainly come from the Czechia (Czech Republic), where they have specialized in making glass beads and crystals for over 200 years.


If you have concerns about metal allergies please know the main material that will touch your skin is glass.


Email  cindy@petmomjewelry for material questions on other items – the stock on these items constantly changes when I see “cute animal things”.


Please Note: Pet Mom Jewelry contains small delicate parts and these pieces are not intended to be worn by children or animals.

Caring for your jewelry

Metals and glass finishes can react with the oils of your skin and anything you put on your skin, such as soaps, perfumes or lotions, so please do not wear your jewelry when applying these - wait until they are fully absorbed.


Do not wear the jewelry when swimming, doing heavy exercise, etc.


Charms and other elements can catch on fine knitwear, so please wear with care!


Clean jewelry with a soft damp cloth.

Do you do all this yourself?

We have a small and mighty team! 


My husband Andrew is the Marketing Director, Webmaster and Financial Manager.


Our right-hand woman and fellow creative Ava helps with assembly, social media and more.


I design your piece to reflect your pet's colors from the photos you provide.


We are all in Rochester, NY, USA.


There are currently 2 Feline Office “Assistants” that keep us all in line! Click Here to learn more about them. 

When will my package ship?

Pet Mom Jewelry custom pieces are assembled by hand on a first come first serve basis. It will take approximately 14-21 days to fulfill an order.


Please email me if you have situation which requires rush preparation:

Ready to ship pieces will ship in 1-3 days

What will the package look like when it arrives?

Posh Paws Jewelry packaging

Pet Mom Jewelry arrives in a drawstring organza bag, within a jewelry gift box.


The box is nestled in our super cute paw print tissue and accompanied by our special customer thank you bag.

Posh Paws Jewelry packaging

Can I use a coupon code on a previous purchase I made?

Normally, coupon codes are not applicable for previous sales.


 However, if you made your purchase just before or after a sale, please email me at and I will consider your request.

 What is your return policy?

Please click here to visit our Shipping and Returns page.


Further questions? Email me at

Why is the charge on my credit card listed as Dyzines and not as Pet Mom Jewelry?

Dyzines is my corporate DBA business name in New York State (where I live). It is an umbrella over my different jewelry product lines: Pet Mom Jewelry and Opera Bracelets. The umbrella allows for legal and financial simplification.


It’s pronounced “designs” and comes from an old nickname, Dy (Dee), derived from my name Cin-dy.

If you have any other questions not listed here, please contact me at

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